About Us

Myanmar Teacher Platform is intended to serve as an online, mobile and offline platform for educators, learners and other interested parties to access quality learning materials, videos and other resources in a safe and secure environment. The platform consists of:

  1. An E-learning platform offering free courses through synchronous and asynchronous learning, where learners also have the opportunity to interact with each other via discussion forums. Learners can also gain certificate on the completion of the selected courses.
  2. An E-library containing over 170 electronic resources in various digital formats (E-books, videos, etc.). The E-library is integrated with the E-learning platform and thus help learners to experience an organized and innovative mode of learning.

Many of the resources on Myanmar Teacher Platform are customized to the context of the country, whilst ensuring adherence to international good practices. While the platform is primarily targeted at educators and learners in Myanmar, it will enable all users to continue with their education and/or continuing professional development.

Myanmar Teacher Platform is being implemented by UNESCO, with support from the Government of Finland. The initial version of the platform was funded by the Governments of Australia,  Finland and the United Kingdom.  UNESCO initiated efforts to enhance the functionality of the existing platform to allow for a better user-experience. Myanmar Teacher Platform now has a wider range of tools and capabilities better suited to the needs and context of users in Myanmar.