An A-Z of ELT: A Dictionary of Terms and Concepts used in English Language Teaching 

Learning the terminology of language teaching also means understanding the concepts represented by these terms and understanding how they are interrelated. So, this book is more than just a glossary or a dictionary. It is also an encyclopaedia, where each entry provides a short summary of the major issues, debates and practical implications associated with each concept, as well as making connections between related concepts.


Author Thornbury, S
Resource Format Reference Material
Subject(s)/ Learning Area(s) English
Publisher Internet Achieve
Publishing Year/Publishing Month 2006/9
Strand Unit 7. Literature
Sub Strand 7.1. Understanding literature
Lesson 7.2.3. Learning and teaching literature (1)
Keywords Dictionary, Terms, Concepts, English, Language, teaching, An_A_Z_of_ELT, _Dictionary, Literature, Understanding_Literature, Learning_and_teaching_literature, Year_1, A-Dictionary_of_Terms_and_Concept, A_Dictionary_of_Terms_and_Concepts_used_in_English_Language_Teaching, Dictionary_of_English_literature, ELT, English_language_teaching, Glossary, Teacher_resource, Language_teaching, learning, English_language, Teaching_English, Teaching_and_learning_English, Teacher, Teachers, Reference, English_dictionary, English_learner
Keywords by Other
Additional Information You can explore more information through this website.
Suitable for Education College Year(s) Year 1
License Public Libraries License
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