Theories of Conflict

Theories of Conflict is based on lectures given when the author was professor of sociology at Columbia University 1958-60, of conflict and peace studies at the University of Oslo 1969-1977, and visiting professor at Universit¨at Zuric ¨ h spring 1972 and University of Hawai’i spring 1973. The book was mainly written in Zuric ¨ h and Honolulu, gently facilitated by the late Professor Peter Heinz in Zuric ¨ h and Professor George Kent in Honolulu. To both my most sincere gratitude.  


Author Johan Galtung
Resource Format Publication
Subject(s)/ Learning Area(s) Morality and Civics, Art, Educational Studies, English, ICT, Life Skills, Local Curriculum, Mathematics, Myanmar, Physical Education, Practicum, Reflective Practice and Essential Skills, Science, Social Studies, Media
Publisher Conserve Energy Future
Publishing Year/Publishing Month 1958/5
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Keywords Theories, Conflict, Peace
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Suitable for Education College Year(s) N/A
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