Towards a media and information literacy competency framework in Myanmar

Media and information literacy (MIL) is defined as a “set of competencies

that empowers citizens to access, retrieve, understand, evaluate and use,

create as well as share information and media content in all formats, using

various tools, in a critical, ethical and effective way, in order to participate

and engage in personal, professional and societal activities” (UNESCO, 2013).

MIL brings together two distinct fields, information literacy and media

literacy, and, more recently, has been described as a composite concept or

an “ecosystem” consisting of additional elements such as news literacy, ICT

literacy, digital literacy, films/cinema literacy, advertising literacy, and library

literacy. Together, these elements present a combined set of competencies

necessary for life and work today. As a composite concept, MIL encompasses

learning, critical thinking and interpretive skills and addresses all types of

media and all forms and formats of information resources.


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